Mother's Day Weekend
Mother's Day weekend is indeed a festive event at the greenhouse. We suggest you consider "making your own memories" this special time of year. We used to go to our favorite greenhouses this weekend and celebrate together by helping mom pick out plants, then bring them home and design containers and plant flower beds with Mom while Dad "manned the grill". Don't fear, while we are working long hours on this special weekend, you'll find our Mothers are both working right along beside us. Thanks, Moms.

Backwood's Fest 
Every fall the greenhouse becomes a festival of bold colors with over 30 varieties of blooming garden mums. We start planting your mums as early as June so they have all summer to grow into a full mound of flower buds ready to pop into color as the days cool into fall. Come September thousands (and yes we really mean thousands!) of colorful mums start coming into bloom. It really is a sight to see all those mums filling the landscape with color! (Bring your cameras!) At the greenhouse we affectionately refer to this time of the season as...Mum-O-Mania. And don't forget to check us out at the Backwoods Fest every September. NightCrawler Gardens has been featured there since 2007.