About the book "Stepping Stones of Ungava and Labrador" by Nigel Foster

Tutjat (Stepping Stones) is the Inuit name for the islands in Hudson Strait north of Labrador. Legend tells how Inuit once followed these stepping

stones and discovered people living on Baffin Island. In 1981 Nigel Foster kayaked this route south, crossing the forty miles wide Hudson Strait solo. Trapped by fall storms he cut short his trip and hitchhiked south aboard an oil tanker.

In 2004 he returned with Kristin Nelson to finish the trip. Starting at Kuujjuaq, Ungava Bay, they crammed food for five weeks into two sea kayaks and began their 675-mile wilderness journey after the pack-ice cleared in July.

Dodging polar bears the couple negotiated the phenomenal tides of Ungava Bay and the squalls of Labrador’s mountains. Traveling to the boom of calving icebergs and the call of loons in the fog, and camping at night beneath the snaking curtains of the aurora borealis, they gained a unique perspective on the world’s vanishing wilderness.

(Stepping Stones is published by Outskirts Press)

About the author, Nigel Foster

Nigel Foster is a world renowned sea kayaker. He is a kayaking instructor, guide, kayak designer and writer. “Stepping Stones” is his sixth book. He lives with ceramic artist Kristin Nelson in Seattle USA.

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