About Me

Shameless Self-Promotion

I've been associated with Ghost since the days of Binary Research, well before it was purchased by Symantec, and was with Symantec for 12 years from September 1998 through to August 2010.

I didn't make a large contribution to the earliest original Ghost cloning code - I was actually brought on board by one of the early investors (with whom I had worked as a developer since 1982) to help out with the multicast protocol. As it turned out I got assigned to do all kinds of other things instead, and in the end the most significant contribution I got to make to Ghost was as the author of the client and server software for Ghost Enterprise beginning with the first Symantec-branded release, Ghost 6.0 in 1999, which I extended and maintained and supported through many releases until my departure from Symantec.

Although writing code (mostly C++, but possibly any one of a dozen other languages) is what I do day in and out, my interests in software development are pretty wide (as you'd hope given a long career and an abiding interest in the Great Ideas of computing such as Lisp and Smalltalk). I've written a UNIX kernel, a TCP/IP stack, point-of-sale systems, embedded code for various microcontrollers, development tools, and all kinds of fun stuff of that kind.

Indeed, I've written such a large variety of code over the years that it's even hard for me to recall it all, so I really need to start making an effort to write some of that history down.  

I live in the small rural town of Kaiwaka in New Zealand an hour or so north of New Zealand's largest city Auckland, where on the occasions I'm not writing code I amuse myself by brewing beer and racing cars on dirt tracks.

If you're looking to get in touch about something, you can use the "Send a message" link on my Google Profile.