Print Journals & Magazines

NIFM Library subscribed following Journals/Magazines. Online content may seen on one click of the related journal/magazine.

Foreign Journals/Magazines
 SN Name of the Journals/Magazines  Status
 1.  Accountancy  Full Text
 2.  American Economic Journals of Applied Economics  Abstract
 3.  American Economic Journals of Economic Policy   Abstract
 4.  American Economic Journals of macroeconomics  Abstract
 5.  American Economic journals of microeconomics  Abstract
 6.  American Economic Review  Full Text
 7. Bloomberg Businessweek Full Text
 8.  Econometrics Journals  Full Text
 9.  Economist  Full Text
 10. EntrepreneurAbstract
 11. Forbes Asia  Abstract
 12.  Fortune  Full Text
 13.  Harvard Business Review  Full Text
 14.  Human Resource Development Review   Full Text
 15.  Journal of Applied Corporate Finance  Abstract
 16.  Journal of economic literature   Full Text
 17.  Journal of economic perspectives   Full Text
 18.  Journal of entrepreneurship  Full Text
 19.  Journal of Finance Abstract
 20.  Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis   Full Text
 21.  Journal of Financial Research  Full Text
 22.  Journal of Political Economy  Full Text
 23.  Leadership   Full Text
 24.  MIS Quarterly  Full Text
 25.  MSDN Magazine  Abstract
 26. Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Abstract
 27.  Time  

Indian Journals/Magazines
SNName of the Journals/Magazines Status
 1.  Analytical Monthly Review 
 2.  Artha Vijnan  
 3.  ASCI Journal of Management   Full Text
 4.  Asian Journal of Management Cases    Full Text
 5.  Banking Finance   
 6.  Bhartiya Rail  
 7.  Capital Market (Login based)  Full Text
 8.  Case Folio   Abstract
 9.   Chartered Accountant   Full Text
 10.  Chartered Secretary   Full Text
 11.  Consumer Voice(Hindi) Abstract
 12. Corporate Professionals Today  
 13.  Dalal Street Investment Journal  
 14.  Decision  Full Text
 15. Economic and Political Weekly
 Full Text
 16.  Economic Developments in India  
 17.  Finance India  Abstract
 18.  Global Business Review  Full Text
 19. GST Law Times 
 20.  IIMB: Management Review Abstract
 21.  IIMS Journals of Management Science *  Full Text
 22.  Indian Accounting Review  Abstract 
 23.  Indian Journal of Corporate Governance   Full Text
 24.  Indian Journal of Economics   Abstract 
 25.  Indian Journal of Industrial  Relations  Full Text
 26. Indian Journal of Finance  
 27.  Indian Journal of Marketing Abstract
 28.  Indian Journal of Public Administration  Abstract 
 29.  Indian Journal of Public Enterprises   
 30.  Indian Journal of Training & Development
 31.  Indian Management Abstract
 32.  Indian Railways  
 33.  Indore Management Journal (IIM Indore) Abstract
 IUP Journal of Accounting Research & Audit Practices   Full Text
 35.  IUP Journal of Applied Finance  Full Text
 36.  IUP Journal of Corporate Governance  Full Text
 37.  Journal of Accounting and Finance  
 38.  Journal of Emerging Market Finance  Full Text
 39.  Journal of Financial Management & Analysis   Full Text
 40.  Journal of Human Values  Full Text
 41.  Journal of Indian Management & Strategy(8M)  *  Full Text
 42.  Journal of Management Research  Full Text
 43. Journal of Marketing & Communication   Full Text
 44. Journal of Services Research    Full Text
 45. Management Accountant    Full Text
 46. Management Researcher   
 47. Metamorphosis: A Journal of Management Research   Full Text
 48. NICE Journal of Business    
 49. Paradigm  Full Text
 50. PC Quest   
 52.  Prajnan  
 52.  Prashasnika  
 53.  Productivity  Abstract  
 54.  Reserve Bank of India Bulletin  Full Text
 55. SEBI and Corporate Laws   
 56.  Smart Manager  
 57.  South Asia Economic Journal  Full Text
 58.  Swamys News  
 59.  Swarajya Full Text 
 60.  Taxman  
 61.  University News  
 62.  Vikalpa  Full Text
 63.  Vision  Full Text
 64.  World Digital Library*  Full Text

General Magazine
 SNName of the Magazines Status 
 1. Business India Abstract  
 2. Business Today Abstract  
 3. Business World  Abstract 
 4. Chronicle Abstract 
 5. Chronicle (Hindi) Abstract 
 6. Digit Abstract 
 7. Front Line Abstract 
 8. India Today Abstract 
 9. India Today (Hindi) Abstract 
 10. Kurukshetra  Full Text
 11. Kurukshetra (Hindi)  Full Text
 12. MainstreamAbstract
 13. Out Look  Abstract 
 14. Out Look (Hindi)  Abstract 
 15. Out Look Money Abstract 
 16. Week Abstract 
 17. Yojna  Full Text
 18. Yojna (Hindi)  Full Text

Children Collection
 1. Aaj Kal (HindI) 
 2. Bal Bharti  (HindI) Abstract 
 3. Champak 
 4. Children’s World 
 5. Competition Success Review  Abstract 
 6. Competition Success Review (HindI) Abstract 
 7. Nandan (Hindi) 
 8. Niroga Dham Abstract 
 9. Pratiyogita Darpan Abstract 
 10. Pratiyogita Darpan (Hindi) Abstract 
 11. Pratiyogita Kiran  Abstract 
 12. Pratiyogita Kiran (Hindi) Abstract