"A Candy Gun For Christmas" by Niels Cremer
Publ. 01.12.2015, Free Digital Download (1 track), Direct Distribution

"Seven Scores Of Sorrow" by Niels Cremer
Publ. 06.11.2015, Timezone Records GbR (LC 12791), Digital Release (7 tracks), EAN 4260433510385, Cat.-No.TZ1038

"Of Dogs And Bones" by Niels Cremer
Publ. 05.08.2011, Timezone Records GbR (LC 12791), Audio CD (12 tracks), EAN 4260186746208, Cat.-No.TZ620

"Aufgelegt.Popkultur" by various artists (track 15 by Niels Cremer: "Your Name")
Publ. 04.03.2011, Timezone Records GbR (LC 12791), Audio CD (19 tracks), EAN 4260186745843, Cat.-No.TZ584

"It's This Time Of Year - the christmas single" by Niels Cremer
"It’s This Time Of Year" Publ. 21.11.2010, Timezone Records GbR (LC 12791), Digital Release (1 track)

"Seed, Creed & Generation" by Niels Cremer
Publ. 26.03.2010, Timezone Records GbR (LC 12791), Audio CD (5-tracks), EAN 4260186745249, Cat.-No.TZ524

"Fingerpicker CD 2015"
by various artists
Publ. 11.2015,, Audio Double CD (CD 1: 20 tracks, CD 2: 17 tracks) is an online forum dedicated to all things acoustic guitar, it was founded and is maintained by Reinhard Becker. It has become a tradition for various members of the forum to publish their own works or covers on a self-produced and annually published forum CD. Niels has contributed track 2 on CD 1 to this year's edition: his original song "Guilty". Please send an email to music(at) if you'd like to purchase your own copy of this limited-run double CD for EUR8,- incl. shipping within the EU.

"Gladbach Sampler" by various artists
Publ. 08.2012,, Audio CD (27-track CD)
This sampler of 27 bands and their songs from Niels' hometown Mönchengladbach features a song by Niels' niece Anna Ritz. Niels contributed to the lyrics and wrote the music for the song "Solo", originally produced in a limited edition as "Anna's Song".
"Follow Through" by Zane Charron
Publ. 23.09.2011, Acoustic Music/Rough Trade, Audio CD (13-track CD), EAN 4013429114803
Niels contributed Mandolin and Blues Harp to two songs on Zane's new album. Zane is a prolific songwriter, accomplished fingerstyle guitarist and skillful guitar teacher from Florida/USA who has been an integral part of the Munich music-scene for some years now.

Niels accompanied American singer-songwriter Marybeth D'Amico on acoustic guitar, mandolin, upright bass, blues harp and background vocals during her live shows throughout the year 2007 before focussing on his own music and career as a singer-songwriter .
"The Haze" by Jan Cremer & Niels Cremer
The Haze is a collaboration with Niels' brother Jan who recorded and produced it for a limited CD edition in early 2005. Niels wrote the lyrics based on Jan's ideas and composed most of the music. In the studio, Niels contributed acoustic and electric guitars as well as bass and some background vocals (lead vocals by Jan Cremer!). You can find a teaser of "The Haze" below.
Jan is a superb rock drummer who can currently be heard
playing with his band SuperKnown.

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