Ascii Sector tutorial

     __    __   ____ _     __  ___ ________ __  ___    _____ _  _ _____ __  ___ _  __  _
    /  \ /' _/ / _/ | |  /' _/| __/ _/_   _/__\| _ \  |_   _| || |_   _/__\| _ \ |/  \| |
   | /\ |`._`.| \_| | |  `._`.| _| \__ | || \/ | v /    | | | \/ | | || \/ | v / | /\ | |_
   |_||_||___/ \__/_|_|  |___/|___\__/ |_| \__/|_|_\    |_|  \__/  |_| \__/|_|_\_|_||_|___|

This is just a tempoary layout for the sake of getting a tutorial up - more to come. Expect this to be entirely redesigned.

You can download Ascii Sector here. 

This is a short in game movie I've created to go along with this tutorial.

Unzip this to your asciisec\movies directory. After launching the game go to Movie Player then select it.

 At any time in the planet, ship ,or purchase areas press "h" in game for help. 

See that little green dot next to the #? That dot is you, the # is your ship. Use your arrow keys to move around, try moving up then to the left to the opening in the Shipyard building. Once you are inside, walk to the upper left of the room - walk into the gray box. Use the arrow keys to make your selection, hit "enter" to select Yes. Use your mouse to navigate the cross hair over the Palm and click the mouse button. This is the Ship Parts Buy/Sell/Repair screen. Scroll down the list by clicking more with the mouse button, when you see Afterburner -highlight it with the mouse and press the mouse button to purchase it. Congrats you bought your first ship upgrade. Click quit in the lower right screen to leave after you have checked out some of the other items/features. For future notice, if you want to buy another ship, you need to walk into the ship in the shipyard, there is a Ulysses ship you can walk into there (though you can't currently afford it.) Shipyards on other planets/stations will have more ships available depending on location. Now walk out of the Shipyard then head on upwards to the bar. Once you are in the bar you want to walk into the other dots (people) around the tables. Most of these guys will need a privateer better than you since you are a noob, but you should get at least one mission from someone (these are "fixer" missions for future reference.) Once you obtain a mission you will need to follow those orders, on planets you can press "C" to access your computer to view missions/other info, in space you will press "N". Walk out of the bar and toward your ship, if you hold down "TAB" while using arrow keys you will run. Once you walk into you ship you will launch off the planet. To turn your ship use the left and right arrow keys, to accelerate press up, to decelerate press down. The ship will accelerate toward the + sign floating in front of your ship based on which direction you aim it. If you hold down the "Tab" button it will use your new afterburners to accelerate you 2x faster than your standard thrusters. Notice if you use your afterburner it will use up your ships energy located at the top of the screen. Check the manual for more information regarding the interface/hotkeys. Select your Nav screen by pressing "N", in my current mission I need to jump two systems over. Select "Sys" to view the current system, you will have to cycle through each jump point to see which leads to the system you require. Once you find it, select it, then press "ESC" to exit this screen. Next you will need to fly at least 10,000 away from your current Nav point (the planet) in order to enter AutoPilot mode. The Autopilot on the left side of the screen will turn yellow when you are far enough away. Once autopilot turns yellow, press "A" to pilot toward the Nav point you previously selected. If it drops you out of autopilot it may be because an enemy is near, if at any time you press "A" and it is not available it will display why at the bottom of the screen. Once you are within 10,000 of your destination you will have to pilot the rest on your own. Pilot yourself into the center of the jump point, and press "J" to jump to the next system.


Combat Tips/Tricks

These are meant as basic tactics for your default ship - the Tarsus. When you purchase other ships/upgrades tactics will change depending on configuration and the various types of ships attacking.

Your starting ship is not very equipped for fighting off other ships. Luckily for you it can take more damage than the pirates/retros that will mainly be attacking you; use this to your advantage. Stay near other friendly ships to help you fight off attackers. You will not be able to outrun any of the basic attackers, this will just prolong the battle. Close the distance between you and the attacker so they have less time to fire on you, they will circle back around once they get too close. Keep an eye on your shields in the upper left, if you notice one shield is nearly gone, turn your ship around so the attacker fires on another side to buy some time. The same thing goes when you attack others, you will want to focus all your attacks on one side of them, usually the front or the back. With your default ship upgrades you cannot lock on to targets so do NOT waste your money on a missile launcher. Your basic laser is a glorified pea shooter, I would recommend upgrading this if you see yourself in regular battles. One cheap tactic I used at first was a proton torpedo, if you get a ship coming at you in a straight line these will do massive damage. I wouldn’t recommend upgrading your ship beyond a better energy weapon, afterburner, and maybe torpedo as if you save up for a new ship it will be much more useful.

*Stay near friendlies
*Close your distance
*Rotate shields that are attacked
*Focus all your attacks on one side of enemy
*Don't miss :)

Combat tutorial videos

With these two tutorials I started a new game, sold my laser, bought a mass driver, a torpedo launcher, and some proton torpedoes.

Unzip this to your asciisec\movies directory. After launching the game go to Movie Player then select combat 1 or combat 2.

Combat 1 - Basic 1x1 fight

Notice how I thrust toward the attacker but not directly in line with his laser fire. Once you pass an attacker, turn and fire at the ships rear, then do the process over and over. Usually I would use afterburner to thrust toward an attacker a bit faster but I did not have one equipped.

Combat 2 - Basic torpedo use

This is not a perfect example because he had a meson blaster, so he ate my front shields pretty quickly. Generally with a torpedo I stop to take better aim then wait until an attacker is coming in a straight line toward me, then fire. It's a one hit kill on occasion, which makes up for it not being able to lock on. You generally do not want to fire one of these at an enemy flying away from you as the torpedoes are very slow at may not hit at all. Flashing red screen means some of your parts are being damaged which is bad of course - it will cost you money for repairs. Notice I aim my ship away from the attacker at times so the fire would hit my other shields.