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 28th & 29th of June 2012


Heide, gardener, age 49
Iris, age 67, retired
The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

Road bike Tour to Wildalpen (Styria/Austria)

We ignored the very hot weather and made the tour...

With light luggage we made this day 115 kilometers.

Prime distance we did per train (Moedling to Payerbach).

Then the bicycle...:

1st summit the Preiner Gscheid (height 1.070 meters above sea level)

down to Mürzsteg and then

2nd summit: the Niederalpl. A 1.221 meters high connecting summit. For bicyclists rather steep and long

(My estimate: 10% slope). My advise: avoid this summit, when not in mood...

We have been heading for Wildalpen, found a perfect (affordable) 4**** hotel and enjoyed the evening on a natural pool.

The little town Wildalpen is embedded in the 'Salza'-valley. The waters are wild. like the upper Enns river. We have seen many sport kayak riders.

We consider to go again to this area, just to share the good times with the paddlers.

No one would believe in us, saying, we have been riding home in one day. Hitting Goestling, Lunz, Gaming, St. Anton on Jesnitz, Frankenfels, Kirchberg, St.Poelten.

At St.Poelten a bus has taken us back home.

Nevertheless this day ended again with 123 kilometers.

Hot, hot...

Enjoy the pictures below.

Good luck to all our followers.

Our prime summit: The Preiner Gscheid:


On the way to the Niederalpl summit with a short rest at the Kapellen lake restaurant:


And further to the little town Wildalpen in the Salza valley:


Our evening at Wildalpen in an affordable 4**** hotel:


Our way back home
We hit Goestling, Hochkar (parking), Lunz upon lake (with a rest at the lake), St.Anton upon Jesnitz, Pielachtal valley:


last picture: waiting for the bus to take us to Moedling (nearby home)


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