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Electromechanical Energy Conversion - II

 S. No.
 Book Title
 Comments  Status
 1. Alternating Current machinesM.G.Say, CBS Publishers, 2002 NA
 2. Electric Machinery P.S.Bimbhra, Khanna Publishers, 2004 NA 
 3. Generalized Theory of Electrical Machines P.S.Bimbhra, Khanna Publishers, 2004  NA
 4. Electrical Machines I.J.Nagrath and D.P.Kothari, Tata McGraw Hill, 1996  NA
 5. Electrical Machines Ashfaq Hussain, Dhanpat Rai & Sons 2001 NA
 6. Principles of Electrical MachinesV. K. MehtaDownload

Analog Electronics - II

 S. No.
 Book Title
 Comments  Status
1.Opamps and Linear Integrated CircuitsGayakwad, PHI Pvt. Ltd., 3rd edition 2000NA
 2.Linear Integrated CircuitsChoudhary and Jain, New Age International (P) Limited Publishers, 2nd edition 2003 NA
 3. Micro Electronics Circuits  Sedra & Smith, Oxford University Press 2000 Download
 4.  Solution Manual  Sedra & Smith, Oxford University Press 2000 Download

Power System - I

 S. No.
 Book Title
 Comments  Status
 1. Electrical Power Systems C.L.Wadhava, New Age International, 2004 NA
 2. A course in Electrical Power M. L. Sone, P. V. Gupta and U. S. Bhatnagar, Dhanpat Rai & Sons, 1st edition 2005 NA
 3. Electrical Power S. L. Uppal, Khanna Publishers, 13th edition 2003 NA
 4. Elements of Power System Analysis W. H. Stevension, McGraw Hill, 1982 NA
 5.Electrical Power SystemAshfaq Hussain, CBS Publisher and distributersNA
 6.Principles of Power Systems V.K.Mehta & Rohit Mehta Download

Control Engineering - I

 S.No.  Book Title  Comments  Status
 1. Automatic control system B. C. Kuo, Prentice Hall of India, 7th edition 2001. NA 
 2. Control system Engineering I. J. Nagrath & M. Gopal, New Age International, 1999 Preview
 3. Modern control systems S. P.Eugene Xavier, S. Chand & Company. NA
 4. Modern control Engineering

 5. Control systems Engineering Norman S. Nise, John Wiley & Sons (Asia) Singapore. NA
 6.Design of Feedback Control SystemRaymond T. Stefani ,Oxford University Press. NA

Electromagnetic Field Theory

 S.No.  Book Title  Comments  Status
 1. Electromagnetic J.F.D. Kraus NA
2.  Electromagnetic waves and Radiating system E.C.Jorden, D.G.Balmein , 2nd edition 1998 NA
 3. Electromagnetic Hayt , TMH, 5th edition Downlod
4.  Electromagnetic J. D. Kraus, R. C. Keith  NA

Power Station Practice

 S.No.  Books Titles  Comments  Status
 1. Elements of Electric Power Station Design M. V. Deshpande, Wheeler Publishing Co. NA
 2. Generation of Electrical Energy B. R. Gupta, Eurasa Publishing House. NA
2.  Power Station Engineering and Economy B. G. A. Skrotzki & W. A. Vopat, Tata McGraw Hill. 22nd edition 2002 NA
 3. Electrical Power S. L. Uppal, Khanna Publishers. 13th edition 2003 NA
 4. A Course in Electrical Power M. L. Soni, P. V. Gupta and U. S. Bhatnagar, Dhanpat Rai & Sons, 1st edition 2005  NA