Hey there beautiful human! 
My name's Nicole Henriksen, I tell jokes sometimes, get serious sometimes, and dress amazing all the time.  
I'm something of a super-talented multi-artist. So maybe stop flirting with me, I'm so embarrassed. Thanks.

I started performing stand up in 2011, in Sydney; and in 2016, I'll be touring two very different shows. Techno Glitter Penguins is my fifth delightfully weird alternative comedy show, and will be joined by Makin It Rain which is my theatre debut, about my time as a stripper. Both shows will tour Australia and the UK.

You can find out about Techno Glitter Penguins here, Makin It Rain here, and past live shows here
But before I got up on stage, I made my comedy goodness in video form, and I'm currently pushing eight years on YouTube. I have parodied journalists, created a three minute sketch show, shared my love of Eurovision, and more! You can check out my YouTube channel here.