Critically-acclaimed writer and performer, Nicole Henriksen, delivers their debut work of prose, following years writing and performing several award-nominated theatre and comedy shows.

Daydreamings is a collection of flash fiction, in which Henriksen dips into the stories of diverse friends, family, and lovers, over thirty-two pieces. 

A remorseful ex attending a wedding, a friend helping another be brave and honest, a disconnected father trying to finally find common ground, the excitement of a new romance, and so many more.

It's a frank look of the mortifying ordeal of being known, and how, more often than not, it truly is worth it.

Daydreamings is available to purchase as an e-book here

A free sample, entitled Jazz Bar, is available to read here.

Praise for Henriksen's live work includes:

'Delivering both hilarity and sincerity... truly heartwarming' ★★★★★ -Voice Magazine
‘Perfectly pitched’ ★★★★★ -The Scotsman
‘Beyond superb’ ★★★★★
‘One of the most important hours of this festival’ ★★★★★ -Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

Daydreamings FAQs:

Does Daydreamings include content notes (otherwise known as content warnings, or trigger warnings)?

Yes, of course! Full content notes are included in the contents page, marked by symbols, with a key. The symbols and key act as a way to avoid "spoilers" for readers who prefer not to know themes and subjects mentioned in each piece.

There is also further content notes, outlining various subjects and themes not contained within Daydreamings.

How much is Daydreamings?

Daydreamings is available for USD$5.00, with a flexible pricing option. Meaning it's an accessible price, but those who can afford to, can pay more and help support the work myself (Nicole Henriksen), and my editor (Mireille Stahle), were able to put into Daydreamings.

How long is Daydreamings?

Daydreamings is a collection of thirty-two (32) flash fiction pieces of around eight-hundred (800) words each.
Depending on the readers speed, most pieces have a reading time of a few minutes, with the longest pieces being around ten (10) minutes of reading time.

Why is it sold on Gumroad (and not Amazon or other larger platforms)?

Gumroad is a fantastic platform that takes a very small cut* in comparison to larger platforms, this means I can keep the base price low, but also that most of your money goes to the people behind the work, not the people running the platform.

* = Gumroad's cut is 8.5% + $0.30 (USD) per sale, you can find out more here.

In what format is Daydreamings available?

Daydreamings is available in PDF format, with font and spacing optimised for ease of reading.

Is Daydreamings suitable for children?

This is very much up to each parent's discretion, and the child's age. Daydreamings mainly focuses on connections, though some of these connections are sexual in nature, depict past emotional abuse, and explore death and grief.

Luckily, I do have content notes outlining mature themes, as mentioned above. These notes can help each parent to choose which pieces are appropriate for their children to read. Though ultimately, parents may wish to reach pieces first.

What is the difference between regular and large print?

**A visual comparison is also provided below**

Regular Print is ideal for for those with high vision and/or reading aids, or for reading on larger screens such as laptops, tablets, and desktops. Regular print uses size 12 font, with expanded spacing between characters, and spacing between lines, allowing for an easier reading experience.

Large Print is ideal for those with lower vision, or for reading on smaller screens (such as smartphones, or small tablets), or for those who simply prefer a larger print. Large print uses size 20 font, with expanded spacing between characters, and spacing between lines, allowing for an easier reading experience.

Please note: due to larger print and spacing, not all information is able to be displayed on a single page in the Large Print version, for e.g.: the content notes and the key for the content notes are on separate pages.