Hey there beautiful human! 
My name's Nicole Henriksen (she/they pronouns), I make many kinds of art. I've written, performed, and produced theatre, comedy, online videos, and all kinds of multimedia and diverse content.

I started performing by doing stand up comedy in 2011, in Sydney, Australia, and created dense, subversive, high-energy solo comedy shows, which I toured around Australia and the UK. 

I then moved to create theatre shows, to more fully explore topics of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, mental health, and so much more.
To read more about my past projects, check out my Resume page.

As of 2018, I've created, written, performed, directed, and produced eight full length solo shows. The most recent being Card On My Sleeve, which explores ethnicity, culture, and festishisation, and A Robot In Human Skin, which explores anxiety with honesty and whimsy.
My online content can be found on my YouTube Channel. I have parodied journalists, created a three minute sketch show, shared some Stripper Stories, and more! You can check out my YouTube channel here.