About me

In a nutshell

I was born in Turin (Italy). I left to Madrid (Spain) when I was 10 for a couple of years. Back to Turin, I lived there until the end of high school at Liceo Classico Cavour.

I then moved to Milan (Italy) in order to attend B.Sc. in Economics, Statistics and Social Sciences (CLE) at Bocconi University.

During university I wondered and wandered to find my way. Three experiences were particularly important. First, my exchange program at University of California - San Diego (UCSD)  made me realized how rich is an international environment. Second, during my stage at Europe Economics, an economic consultancy agency in London (UK), I understood that I am interested in how Economics helps to understand the real world. Finally, I participated to meetings of a research group on "Polarization and Conflict" in Oslo and Barcelona and I realized that research is fascinating and that I needed graduate school to fully understand those discussions. There I also met my future Ph.D. supervisor, Professor Jean-Paul Azam.

In 2005 I moved to Toulouse (France), where I achieved the M.Sc. in Economic Theory and Econometrics (DEA), the Diplôme Européen d’Economie Quantitative Approfondie (DEEQA), and the Ph.D. at Toulouse School of Economics (TSE). My supervisor was Professor Jean-Paul Azam and I was affiliated to Atelier de Recherche Quantitative Appliquée au Développement Économique (ARQADE). At TSE I also met Professor Paul Seabright, with whom I have collaborated in several projects.

In 2009 and 2010 I worked as research associate at the Development Centre (Desk for Europe, Middle East and Africa) of the OECD  and as consultant for the World Bank.

I now work as Economist and Senior Researcher at the Banque de France in Directorate of Economics and International Relations, Microeconomics and Structural Analysis.


What I like

  • my job
  • music: classical, opera, metal..
  • reading: L.Tolstoy, T.Terzani..
  • sport: basket, volley, riding, tennis..
  • independent travelling!!!