Job Market Paper
Transit buses and fetal health:  Evaluating the impacts of bus pollution policies in New York City

Kinney, PL, Gatari, M., Volavka-Close, N., Ngo, N., Ndiba, PK., Law, A., Gachanja, A., Mwaniki, S., Chillurd, SN., Scalar, E. 2011: "Traffic Impacts on PM2.5 Air Quality in Nairobi, Kenya,” Environmental Science and Policy, 14, p. 369-78.

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Working papers
Risk perceptions and understandings of air pollution in informal settlements in sub-Saharan Africa:  A case study in Nairobi, Kenya
Ngo, N.S., Kokoyo, S., and Klopp, J. (submitted)

Occupational exposure to PM2.5, black carbon, brown carbon and trace elements from roadway emissions and inside informal settlements in Nairobi, Kenya
Ngo, N.S., Gatari, M., Yan, B., Chillrud,S., 
Bouhamam, K., and 
Kinney, P.L.

Press Coverage:  The Standard (Kenyan newspaper):  “Time to clean up the air we breathe”

Research papers in progress

“Health impacts of industrial pollution emissions in sub-Saharan Africa:  Evidence from an energy-rationing program in Nairobi, Kenya” (with Thaddaeus Egondi)

"The impacts of bus idling on fetal health:  Evidence from New York City"

“The effects of convective clouds on transport of pollutants using a numerically simulated flow field” (with Chin-Hoh Moeng and Jeff Weil)