Name: Nicole LoCicero
Age: 20
Home town: San Martin, CA

Major: Marketing & Advertising, legal studies minor
Year: Junior
Purpose of course?: I am currently learning how to build mobile apps with App Inventor through a course at USF. 

Reading, traveling, biking, records, beaches, cooking, sleeping.

Interesting facts:
Started off at SF State, then transferred to USF for sophomore threw senior years of college.
Planning on law school, but would love to just travel after college. Or maybe go on tour with my favorite band....hmm...

Favorite Apps Created this semester:

Wondering how your friends always know what's happening tonight? Missed an opportunity to take a killer Instagram of a big event? Which bands are playing in town this weekend? What are nearby Twitter users tweeting about? Where can I get a cure for the munchies at 1 am? All of these questions and more can be answered without even leaving this app. 

NearMe is your one-stop source for finding anything and everything that's going on nearby. Using your smartphone's location sensor, a click of a button will link to a web viewer. Nearby events, restaurants, concerts, Instagrams, tweets, bus stops and departure times, and movie showings are all accessible by NearMe, giving users a convenient and efficient way to keep in touch with the world around them.

Game Project-GG Park Bum Rush App:

No Texting While Driving App:

Quiz App: