All about Nicole

I am the Canadian female paragliding champion since 2003, ranked 3rd overall in Canada, and a member of Team Canada. I hold the Canadian female distance XC record as well as the altitude gain record. I represented Canada at the FAI World Championships in 2005, 2007, and 2009, and have flown in various Paragliding World Cups (including the recent Valle de Bravo Superfinal) since 2010.

I started flying in 1999, with Pegasus Paragliding in Nova Scotia. Originally a skydiver, I found I enjoyed the canopy ride over the freefall, so looked for a sport that was "just that". After my 1-day course with Michael Fuller (at Pegasus), I was fully hooked and signed up the very next day for the Novice course. A year later I moved to British Columbia for graduate school and was able to more fully indulge my PG passion with the abundance of local mountains and a larger pilot base to draw upon.

My first competition was the Canadian Paragliding Nationals in 2002. I don’t remember how I did, but that was unimportant as I was just there to soak in the atmosphere, fly a new site, and spend time with my friends. I started attending more and more competitions, until I was proficient enough to get quite good standings in both the overall and female categories. In 2004 I attended my first FAI test event in Brazil and was accepted to the World Championships a year later.

Recently I've been flying internationally at the World Championship and Paragliding World Cup level, with several World Championships and World Cups under my belt. It's tough to fly an entire PWC season given that many of the events are held far away from Canada, but my goal is to attend as many as logistically possible and do well at the various Superfinals. I plan to attend the Superfinal in Roldanillo, Colombia, this coming winter, as I flew there for a World Cup in 2011 and had a fantastic time!