Nicole Detraz

Nikki is an assistant professor of Political Science at the University of Memphis. She received her Ph.D. from Colorado State University in 2009, her MA from CSU in 2005, and her BA from Louisiana State University in 2002. Her specific areas of research interest are international relations and environmental politics. Her on-going research explores the intersections between gender, security, and the environment.

Her latest book, Environmental Security and Gender (Routledge), examines the role of gender in discourses that combine security and the environment both in theory, through a review of scholarly literature, and in practice, through three case studies of environmental issues. The project employed a variety of qualitative research methods, including discourse analysis, gender analysis, and case studies to examine the role of gender in recent debates about the connections between security and the environment.

Nikki has also conducted research on climate change as a security issue, exploring the implications of linking a wide-ranging environmental issue to security debates. Her work has recently appeared in Security Studies, International Studies Perspectives, Global Environmental Politics, International Feminist Journal of Politics, and multiple edited volumes. Her book, International Security and Gender, (Polity Press) was recently named to Choice's 2014 list of Outstanding Academic Titles. She is currently writing a book on gender and the environment for Polity.

 San Francisco, CA