Undergraduate in Biology

About Me: I am an undergraduate student in my senior year at the University of New Mexico in the Biology Department. I have been interested in biology since I was very young and have always loved it. I am interested in all biology but my research interest in biology is the molecular and genetics part of it. I am interested in the molecular biology because I like learning all about how the little things fit into the bigger picture, and seeing how one very tiny thing like a cell can be responsible for so much. I am interested in Genetics because I like to see the inheritance of things. Currently I am working in Dr. Steven Poe's lab though the Undergraduate Opportunities program (UnO), working on the phylogenetics of a group of lizards called Anolis.

Contact Information:
            Emails: ncaimi@unm.edu
            Lab Location: Castetter Hall 88
/ phone: 505-277-5140