Nicolas Serrano-Velarde

Associate Professor

Department of Finance

Bocconi University

Via Roentgen 1

20135 Milan, Italy

Phone: +390258365851

Email: nicolas.serranovelarde(at)unibocconi.it

CV (pdf)


Idea: Using a dataset with information on inter-firm transactions, we provide evidence that suppliers offer cheap trade credit to ease competition in downstream markets.

Idea: We introduce a model of endogenous growth through basic and applied research. Our key finding is that standard R&D policies can accentuate the dynamic misallocation in the economy.

Cited in the Economic Report of the President 2016

Idea: If auctions enhance information efficiency, why were they abandoned by lending marketplaces?

Idea: Using a discontinuity in the allocation of firms into credit risk categories we empirically identify the lending standards applied by banks to small and medium firms over the cycle.

Winner of the 4Nations Cup Competition

Idea: Using a unique loan-level dataset, we provide empirical evidence on how firms' funding contracts depend on reorganization and liquidation in bankruptcy.

Idea: We argue that family links between a new CEO and his predecessor act as a commitment device for upholding implicit contracts with the workforce.

Idea: We provide evidence suggesting that incumbent firms' access to group deep pockets has a negative impact on entry in product markets.

Work in Progress

Idea: We study the implications of employment targets on firm dynamics during the privatization of the East German economy.

Idea: We investigate the most important factors leading to the decline in Italian manufacturing firm investment since 2008.

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