Since 2020, my web page is on https://nicolashernandez.github.io/

Main research topics

My research interests lie in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) field around the problem of accessing to the content of (textual) documents. In particular, I work on discourse modelling and discourse analysis issues. The work is upstream from applications such as summarization, reader assistance and web semantic reasoning. The approaches combine statistical methods and linguistics.

I am also interested in NLP infrastructure/architecture/framework (UIMA) and in the production of language resources (for processing French).

Keywords : Accessing the content of ( textual ) documents ; discourse analysis and modelling ; language resource and NLP infrastructure/architecture ; UIMA

Publications: You may consult the dedicated publication page and my Google scholar and HAL profiles.

More details on: the CV pages.

Activities around "Discourse modelling and analysis"

Activities around "NLP infrastructure/architecture and language resources for processing French"


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EMail: nicolas.hernandez @univ-nantes.fr

Web: http://www.univ-nantes.fr/hernandez-n

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