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   Nicolas GLADE, Ph.D.
    University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France
    Polytech Grenoble

   TIMC-IMAG Laboratory, CNRS UMR5525, La Tronche
Computer Bioscience
& Microscopy Group - DyCTiM2

    Enseignant chercheur  ~  Chercheur en saignant
    (Mendiant d'excellence)

Status - Position

Maître de Conférence
Informatique (et Mathématiques appliquées)  - Section CNU 27
PolyTech Grenoble - Grenoble Universités - Université Joseph Fourier

Associate professor in Computer Sciences and Applied Mathematics
PolyTech Grenoble - Grenoble Universities


Address : TIMC-IMAG Laboratory, CNRS UMR5525 / UJF, Domaine de la Merci, 38706 La Tronche - France

Team : DyCTiM

Office : 59, Pavillon Taillefer

tél. : (+33) 4 56 52 00 42 (oui, comme la réponse à l'univers !)

email : Nicolas[dot]Glade[at]univ[minus]gren[nospace]oble[minus]alpes[dot]fr   (c'est dur à lire hein, saleté de spambot !?)

twitter : @niglade

Research gate : https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Nicolas_Glade2


Curriculum Vitae


Wow ! I did not change so much since the last 10 12 years !

I think that my future is
mostly determined by a future version of me (according to Everett they could be several, and according to Tegmark they could be an infinity living close and far from me (the one who is writing this pointless cv) just right now) and I do not know that one yet (or may be we all are one ... I don't know !), so this CV is pointless.
    For those who are nevertheless interested in my past life (lives ?),
depending on the road traffic I've got a variable number of cats (currently two), I still have a dog, and a family, but you should not be interested in these interesting details of my private life. Since the 90's, I studied medicine, chemistry, molecular biology, immunology, computer sciences, biophysics and I was employed as engineer in space biology in France and Sweden where I launched an experiment in a sounding rocket, in biotechnologies at the LETI lab in Grenoble where I worked on plasma deposition and treatments on plastic materials, then as postdoc in mathematics and computer sciences in Chile and as assistant professor in mathematics and physics. I'm now employed at Polytech, engineer school of the University of Grenoble (University Grenoble Alpes (ex - Joseph Fourier)) where I spend my time in boring meetings, in the management of schedules, in unnecessary reports, in stupid things that cost a lot and that are nonsense. For those who did not understand, I'm now associate professor ! Sometimes, I remember I was a researcher...

Detailed CV :
1993 - 1998 : Undergraduate student : medicine, chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology ...
1999 - 2002 : A naive and happy PhD student in biophysics
2003 - 2008 : The best period of my life of researcher : postdocs, adventure, travels, encounters, freedom, free will, thinking, thinking, thinking, writing, writing, writing ...
2009 - 2014 : Neuroptosis  = Cerebral Programmed Death : I'm associate professor in applied mathematics and computer sciences.
2015 - 2016 : Revival : 1 year of pure research (brain reconnected)
2017 - ... : Back in the submarine