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I used to blog at the International Cognition and Culture Institute. Here are some blogposts I wrote:

Jun. 2011 History of social sciences week

Adam Smith (1723 – 1790) on intuitive and reflective processes

Adam Smith (1723-1790) on ultimate and proximate causes in psychology

Smith (1723-1790) on innateness and cultural variability

Adam Smith (1723-1790) on mirror neurons and empathy

Mèng Zǐ (372 – 289 BCE) on the moral organ

Mar. 2011 Cultural relativism: Another victim of Arab revolutions?

Dec. 2010
The evolutionary and cognitive basis of the cultural success of garbage trucks among western toddlers

Nov. 2010 Video games as applied anthropology

Nov. 2010 Picture of the week: The colors of the Web

Oct. 2010 Philippa Foot, Famous Philosopher, Unknown Anthropologist (1920-2010)

Oct. 2010 Picture of the week: How segregated is your city?

Jul, 2010 What if there had never been a Cognitive Revolution?

Jul, 2010 Homeopathy as witchcraft

Jun, 2010 Why do acamedics oppose capitalism?

May, 2010 Why do we make our tastes public?

May, 2010 Is there a language instinct?

Apr. 2010 Are variations in economic games really caused by culture?

Apr. 2010 On the Use of Natural Experiments in Anthropology

Mar. 2010 Cultural differences and linguistic justice

Feb. 2010 Better live in Sweden than in the US: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better

Feb. 2010 Altruistic adoptions in chimpanzees?

Jan. 2010 Na'vi Cognition and Culture

Oct. 2009 The universality of music: Cross-cultural comparison, the recognition of emotions, and the influence of the the Backstreet Boys on a Cockatoo

Oct. 2009 Simian Oeconomicus II

Oct. 2009 Elinor Ostrom: Nobel Prize in anthropology!

Jul. 2009 Simian Oeconomicus

Jul. 2009 In praise of neuroscience (for once)

Jun. 2009 Do economic games tell us something about real behaviours?

Jun. 2009 Are dogs (and chimps) really inequity-averse?

May 2009 Is resonance the cement of society?

Feb. 2009 In Bad Taste: Evidence for the Oral Origins of Moral Disgust

Feb. 2009 What about cognition and society?

Dec. 2008 Is a universal Michelin Guide possible?

Nov. 2008 Epidemiology of flu, epidemiology of names

Nov. 2008 Neuroanthropology or ethnographical neurosciences?

Nov. 2008 Intuitive fatalism: adaptation or by-product?