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Here you find other information about me.

I am passionate about the condensed matter physics and material science of strongly correlated systems and superconductors. I am working on these topics looking for relations between spatial correlated disorder, collective dynamics and thermodynamics, especially at relatively high temperatures.
Using advanced X-ray nanoprobes, I have shown that a correlated disorder in oxides and iron based materials can self-organize and promote superconductivity at higher temperatures. I have shown methods for the control of a correlated disorder, using continuous X-ray illumination meanwhile monitoring the detailed nucleation and evolution through X-ray diffraction.
Recently I have pioneered the observation of a dynamic Mott transition. Mott physics is at the heart of strongly correlated quantum materials, however is difficult to study in a dynamical system because of the disguising effects of a detrimental disorder. Based on the mapping between vortex and quantum particles, the transition is observed in a man-made proximity array of superconducting nanodots. The system has been realized with state of the electron beam lithography tools and standard metal depositions. Here, I have showed a case where there is an equivalence of equilibrium and far-from equilibrium behavior in the critical dynamics of a collective system.
Currently, I am active on low-dimensional strongly correlated systems and superconductors.