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I've been interested in computers ever since I saw an Open University TV documentary about programming, which influenced me to take on Computer Science at the University. This site is meant to become a repository for computer and programming related stuff which may be of some interest to others.

Although my job title is quite different, I'm a programmer at heart. Of all the many programming languages I came in contact with and the few I actually learnt, C++ is still my favourite one; I find that it fits nicely with the way I reason about programming.

My main programming tool is Borland's C++ Builder, partly because that's what I use at work, and partly because I think it's still the most convenient solution under Windows for putting together decent GUI's without too much sweat. Unfortunately its C++ compiler is somewhat lagging behind in terms of standard compliance. 

It should come as no surprise then that my own very modest contribution to Open Source is aimed at alleviating this problem: the Bcbboost project makes it possible to use the latest release of the Boost libraries with C++ Builder's latest incarnation, BCB2006.

Sebbene consideri sciocco opporsi al ruolo dell'inglese come lingua franca dell'informatica e non solo, mi fa piacere di tanto in tanto avere l'occasione di discutere dei miei interessi - come il C++ - nella mia lingua madre.