Interesting Problems
Stuff To Work on Post-Graduation
  • Beers with Prescott (and see if he improved the Mallet example I sent him)
  • Bonjour hardware and smartphone software
    • Build the hardware prototype - Cameron finished it I think
    • Get the bonjour firmware on the prototype - See links above
    • Write a little console script to interact with the bonjour device
    • Write iphone code to interact with the device
    • Write the full iphone software to install and interact with the device
    • Set up the remote interaction server + remote mode on iphone + device
  • Twitter disease tracker full implementation (much lower priority than bonjour/phone stuff)
    • Don't use RDF, or at least come up with a better ontology
    • Figure out a nice compact way to store historical data so trends can be tracked
    • Figure out a web ui that won't take me a month to build!!!!
    • Figure out how to interact with the new Twitter API- my code uses the stuff from early 2009 or 2010
  • Triathlon ranking system (lowest priority)
    • Already have code + db schema, but there has to be simpler more reusable way to do it. This is what happens when I haven't done database stuff seriously in a year + just do embedded and machine learning :(
    • Track people's performance, identify people improving a lot, identify common competitors and courses you'd do well on
Cool Links
  • Example of programmatic interaction with Mallet
  • Example of programmatic interaction with Stanford Parser
  • BioNLP 2011 System - Extract protein interactions from free text. The system processes text data and then classifies protein interactions. Once I meet my deadline I'll update the svn repository (can't do now because the project structure has changed and I don't have time to fix it) and put the svn link here instead. I'll also post up a link to my results/paper when it's in.
  • Twitter disease tracker- uses an RDF ontology and searches Twitter for ontology elements. Would have been really cool with a good UI but I got bogged down in other projects. Would be helpful if I could figure out where the code is though.
  • Bonjour client and server programs to simulate configuration of hardware with iPhone or OSX app. The server broadcasts it's presence with Bonjour/Zeroconf and the client finds the Bonjour info and uses that to get a socket address, establish a connection and send/receive data
    • Client (Perl)
    • Server (Python)
    • Next steps
      • Get the Arduino/Bonjour code working on the Arudino so I can see it as a Bonjour device
      • Code up the Arduino to behave like the Python server script and see if the client will talk to it