Nicky Lottman 

Available for your private party or special event!
Hosting a special event or party?  Looking for a way to inject an extra touch of class and fun into the night?  Why not have Playboy's Barmate of the Year tending the bar for your guests?!

I would love to help make your party a great night for all!  For larger events, I can bring one or two of my beautiful girlfriends - who also happen to be amazing bartenders.
As a Bartender I love the interaction with my customers.  I treat it as a craft... I keep on top of the latest trends and have worked hard to learn all the classics.  I like to experiment and develop new recipes or put a different twist on an old favorite.  It's all about making sure the customer enjoys the experience and gets a little more than expected.

For availability and rates, shoot me an email at:  Include a brief description of your event, the date, time and location, and any other specifics.  

I hope to get the chance to work with you!