OpenBOR Engine
Recommended build: 3.3692
Download Links (you need this to play OpenBOR games):
Welcome! I'm NickyP, and this is my personal OpenBOR site! Here you will find all the (released) mods I ever created using OpenBOR, including completed projects and ones that are still demos. Above you will find OpenBOR's executables. You MUST have this to play any game hosted here, or where other OpenBOR games are. Keep in mind that some of my releases will come with OpenBOR executables as well, though they are likely outdated.
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Update Section:
02/05/2014 - Updated ClaFan to ver1.66. Grab it in the Completed section!

06/06/2013 - Updated ClaFan to ver1.48. Grab it in the Completed section!

03/11/2013 - Released Supah Princess Defender! (demo 1)! Grab it in the Demo section!

01/7/2013 - Released Tales of Fantasy I (demo 1)! Grab it in the Demo section!

08/12/2012 - Updated ClaFan to ver1.17. Grab it in the Completed section!
05/12/2012 - Released ClaFan ver1.0 in the Completed section. Updated OpenBOR executables on the main page (the link towards the top).
09/29/2011 - Released Time Crisis Side Scroller demo. Updated OpenBOR executables on the main page (the link towards the top), and added my new logo! :D 
06/05/2011 - Uploaded an updated version of the Final Fantasy I demo. You will definitely enjoy the improvements!
03/05/2011 - Updated PC executables to 3.3117. Also made a download link for the PC executables here in the homepage, so new viewers don't have to search high and low for how to play my games.
01/13/2011 - Kingdom Hearts demo link updated. The PSP Eboot I've attached it with didn't work, but now it's fixed.
01/05/2011 - Kingdom Hearts demo released! Grab it in the Demo Mods section.
09/17/2010 - Added a link to my webcomic in Other Links section. :D
07/30/2010 - Mobile Suit Z-Gundam demo released! Grab it in the Demo Mods section.
06/02/2010 - Updated personal OpenBOR executables to 3.2810. All releases from this point on will contain the PSP and PC versions of 3.2810.
04/11/2010 - Added Other Links section. Check it!
02/23/2010 - Phantasy Star II+IV demo released. Grab it in the Demo Mods section.
12/27/2009 - Fire Emblem: Castle Defense released! Grab it in the Completed Mods section!
12/02/2009 - I plan on releasing a new demo soon, most likely within the month. The only thing that's stopping me is finals at school; once I have free time, I'll rip whatever sprites I need left and then whip everything together real nice.
10/29/2009 - Today I finally stopped being lazy and updated my personal OpenBOR executables from 3.2252 to 3.2397. What does this mean for you guys? Well, everything I release from now on will come packaged with the PC and PSP versions of OpenBOR 3.2397. Chances are, you could still probably use 3.2252 to play my future releases, but I always reccommend you use the version I provide you with! 
10/05/2009 - Today I decided to make an update section. What's it for? Well... updates! I'll post here if I ever update this site; be it adding a new mod, adding a new page, etc. And to start, I'll add the Mod Reviews section!