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Up Coming Projects

I have several stories in mind for my Laws of the Lycan's books:
I'm also hoping to return to Forever In TimeI love the original universe I created in that book and left it with the possibility of a certain un-named policeman and Paula becoming a twosome.
Then there are a few other stories spinning around in my head...
Well, the last time I updated this page, I was unsure when I'd be able to get back to writing duing to an arm/shoulder problem.  However, lots of physiotherapy and rest has me back at the keyboard.  I'm still taking it easy but I've also been writing away.  My most recent book, Betrayed, was published February 17, 2013 and I'm now working on the sequel to it.  It should be ready in the spring of 2014

As well, I'm having Forever In Time edited (it was beta read but that was all) and plan to release it to wider distribution.

I'm also having The Mating re-edited and I'll be gently tweaking a few words here and there.  Why?  I'm really hoping to get it out in paperback.  Not sure of the date but I'll let you know if and when it happens!  

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