Work Skills

The following is a least of the skills I have acquired through previous work experiences and education training.

Gis Skills

§ Confident with ESRI ArcGIS 10, MapInfo 10, ArcGIS Business Analyst, ArcGIS Network Analyst and 3D Analyst. Experience producing many maps using these products.

§ Have knowledge of PCI Geomatica and OrthoEngine. Able to orthorectify and classify    images using multiple bands.

§ Experience with web development using JavaScript and ArcIMS.

§ Performed Statistical Analysis using SPSS, Microsoft Excel and Access.

§ Familiar with Python, ModelBuilder and Visual Basic.

§ Experience with managing databases and geodatabases.

§ Skilled at using UNIX, Oracle SQL*Plus, and LINUX Environments.

§ Experienced using GPS data collection and post-processing.

Teaching Skills and education experience

§ Experience teaching a variety of subjects between grades 6 – 12.

§ Experience implementing Positive Effective Behaviour Supports (PEBS).

§ Major Teachable subjects in Math and Social Studies.

§ Experience creating and implementing unit plans and long range plans.

§ Familiar the process of with behavioral and program plans such as IPP’s.

§ Experience with RCH both in the classroom and in courses such as Wabanaki Education.

§ Experience and training teaching students with special needs.

§ Completed methods courses on assessment as well as designing, strengthening and evaluating curriculum.

§ Accomplished multiple courses on educational psychology, such as Learner and the Learning Process and The Teaching Process.

§ Well versed in computer technology and worked with students to create a year book video.

§ Skilled with Microsoft Office products such as Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, Access, Visio and Visual Studio.