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About Us

Blue Coast is an established math tutoring company that has been serving the Tampa Bay Area since 2000. All of our tutors are degreed and certified in mathematics, it is their career and not a part time job. This is extremely important in hiring a math tutor for yourself or your child. The ability to communicate math concepts is crucial and just as important as a solid background in mathematics. This ability only comes with experience and training!

4 reasons to hire us:

*Last year was tough and are concerned this year will be the same or worse... you need our help.

*Virtual online classes that were supposed to be easier are turning out to be difficult ... you need our help.

*A great math year and solid skills but you don't want to lose your edge and want to take it to the next level ... you need our help.

*SAT/ACT's to be taken ...and you need our help.

The Bottom Line

Whatever the level, don't be satisfied with "just getting by" in mathematics! Don't settle for uncommitted, poorly qualified part-timers and student-tutors who have just learned the subject themselves or have little or no experience. Let us help your child succeed, foster self-confidence, generate academic pride, and actualize their dreams and potential! Use our service to catch up, conquer difficulties and master mathematics once and for all! We guarantee* results!

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