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September 1974 - June 1981. St Edwards Grammar School, Liverpool, UK.

 9 O levels, 4 A levels.


June 1981 – 1997 :  Various UK Safety Course leading to accreditation as Occupational Health and Safety Representative in UK Theatres.


September 1995 - British Standards Certificate in MIG Welding.


WHMIS qualified 2004 (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System – Canadian Health and Safety Certification).


Anthropology Year One, Athabasca University, Canada 2004 – 2005 (Distance Learning Course, part qualification towards degree, ongoing).


Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Legislation Course 2004 (8 week part time course)


Fall Arrest Protection Certificate, Ontario, Canada 2005 (Training course covering safe working at heights, correct use of related Personal Protective Equipment).


Personnel Lifts Certificate, Ontario, Canada, Renewed in 2005 (Training and legal use of Personnel Lifts, Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts, Solid Tire Lifts, Straight and Articulated Boom Lifts).


Asbestos Awareness Training, Ontario, Canada November 2006 (Training in recognition and hazards associated with asbestos used in construction).






Shop based:

Use of standard shop equipment – table saw, cross cut saw, routers and shapers, jointer, plane, sanders, edge banders, compressed air tools(pinners, staples, nailers). Use of all powered and manual hand tools – planers, chisels, biscuit joiners, drills.

Plastic lamination and cabinet making, solid wood furniture making, staining, fabrication of props and sets for movies.


Site based skills:

Theatrical fit-ups and get-outs, location carpenter (movies).

Installation of kitchens, offices and commercial cabinets.  Installation of metal and wood stud walls (called partition walls in UK). Installation of siding, sub-floors and other structural elements in timber framed house construction (Canada). 


Design Skills:

Fabrication of 3-D sets, props and furniture from detailed plans or from conceptual sketches.


Additional skills:

Experience in estimating, project management, financial management, production management, shop management.

Extensive experience in managing the fabrication and installation of custom exhibit and display work.

Experience in plastics fabrication (heat bending, welding, flame polishing).

Experience in structural fiberglass.

Experience in carving foams - styrene, polystyrene.



Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Corel Draw


Cycle touring, hiking.

Personal Blog.

Personal Website.



Previous volunteer teacher at Bike Again, Halifax (Canada) based project to recycle discarded bicycles, repair and distribute (free of charge) to local community (currently researching possibility of establishing this project in Hull).

Guitar tuition .




















Professor Tracy Taylor-Helmick

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