Welcome to Nick's Not-So-Nightly News, where I'll post work from my Multimedia Journalism course at Boston University. I'm a senior there who will be graduating in May. I know that the future of journalism (and most fields for that matter) is in the internet, so I created this website. I figured the best way to learn about the web is to deal with it as much as possible from both the creating and the using ends.

Be sure to visit my web resume at http://people.bu.edu/nickg/ ! It's a showcase of the work I've done in my career, and what I've learned from it.
I also have a blog at http://thebitterbostonian.blogspot.com/, where some of my work from the class (as well as many other components) will be posted.

If you have any comments on this or any of my other websites, please let me know. Journalism is becoming more of a conversation and less of a lecture, so I need my site to function that way as well.