Hi. I'm Nicklaus Millican.   

     My education is in the prevention, treatment, and resolutio
n of various states of unhealth; not through
traditional medicine, but using tools that are free and available to everybody as either primary OR adjunctive therapy.

     As a society, we're made to navigate our own personal health and wellness as though we must pay experts for band-aids which only mask our health problems instead of solving them... that being "healthy" is mostly about EITHER taking the right band-aids OR following unrealistically restrictive dietary and exercise regimens. But maybe you've had a suspicion that this model seems broken--that fixing unhealth should be a matter of supporting and restoring health, not band-aids...

Shouldn't "health" be about living happily and contently, being physically functional,
having a favorable body composition, and being free of disease? Shouldn't the tools to bring about this model of health be easy? Even easier and more fulfilling than the common band-aid approach?

     I believe in the power of the individual to claim and reclaim their health--I want to support this notion, this movement. I want to educate and instruct on how you can use these tools for the rest of your life to promote your own health.

     If you want to learn more, please explore this site. There is an ever-expanding library of articles and videos laid out in a way to take you step-by-step under the Topics section as well as exercise demos all free whether you are a client of mine or not. If you are interested in enlisting my personal services, please see the Program Information tab; or if you want to contact me for any reason, you can access my contact info.

     Thank you for visiting. I hope this site and my services can be useful to you.