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March 2012: MOSFIRE has arrived at the summit. Check out the MOSFIRE exposure time calculator. Also a short MOSFIRE guide for proposal writing.
May 2011: SED Machine Awarded NSF Grant for $675 K, the team is very excited!

(Old News) MOSFIRE Achieve's First Light (in the lab!)

I am a Postdoctoral scholar in the Caltech Astronomy department.  From September 2008 to today my primary responsibility is to the hands on development and implementation of the MOSFIRE (updated Dec 18th 2010) spectrograph.  I serve two roles as an astronomer.

First, I'm an instrumentalist.  Aside from my MOSFIRE responsibilities, I  am in the process of designing a new low resolution spectrograph called the SED Machine  for 1 - 4 m telescopes (hopefully for the Palomar 60").

Second, I'm an observer, I work on the DEEP2 and AEGIS surveys.  Using data from these surveys, I studied the evolution of the ionized interstellar medium of early type galaxies from z ~ 0.1 to 1.  In the future, I plan to be more involved in the science and instrumentation for transient surveys.

Contact information:
My research interests include:
  • Panchromatic SEDs of the AEGIS field.  I wrote a tool to interactively explore their SEDs.
  • Producing systematically similar visual morphologies in SDSS and AEGIS galaxies.
  • I am a former member of the Automated Planet Finder team at Lick Observatory.
  • Small and highly targeted (cheap) instrumentation.  I maintain a list of interesting instruments that warrant further study. 
  • Astrophotonics
  • Improving my efficiency through organization.
Random pages that need organization:
Past Work Experience
  • Grad student at UCO/Lick.
  • I was an engineer for about one and half years at the Jet Propulsion Labs Optical Communication Group.
  • In 1999 David Rust at the JHU/Applied Physics Lab, PI of the Flare Genesis project, shipped me to the Antarctic.
  • I was a summer student at the Brookhaven National Lab for the ARM Data Center.