Coshocton County is nationally known as being a top-ranked hunting area, especially for whitetail deer. Read more about it in an excerpt by Jan Myers at: Ohio Traveler

Nickel Valley is only a few miles from the 20,000 acre Woodbury Wildlife Reserve, as well as the Dillon State Park, where hunters have more than enough wildlife in range. Commonly hunted local wildlife includes: beaver, bobwhite quail, coyote, deer, duck, fox squirrel, geese, gray fox, gray squirrel, grouse, mink, mourning dove, muskrat, opossum, pheasant, rabbit, raccoon, red fox, river otter, woodchuck, & woodcock.   

Nickel Valley Resorts also works in conjunction with CDC Whitetail Outfitters to provide our guests with the best possible hunting experience they can get. Hunting packages with guided tours are available by appointment. Please contact us for details. Sorry , there is no hunting on the resort property due to liability issues.