Day Passes

Nickel Valley Resorts is open for day passes during the summer, weather permitting, for swimmers, fishers, picnickers & more.

We're open 10 A.M. -- 8 P.M., Tuesday-Sunday unless otherwise specified. 
Please check our Facebook page for daily updates or closures or call ahead at 740-258-2643. 

Cost is $7 & kids aged 5 & under are free! Our swimming pond includes a 40 foot water slide, 15 foot water trampoline, 40 foot dock, & a large sandy beach area. 
Please note there are NO LIFEGUARDS ON DUTY & CHILDREN MUST BE UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION AT ALL TIMES. We recommend life jackets for small children. Our swimming pond descends 15-20 feet in depth. 
Bring your own beach towels, rafts, & fishing gear. Please remember we have a policy of NO GLASS containers. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES MUST BE PURCHASED ON PREMISES. Any outside beverages brought onto premises WILL BE CONFISCATED. 
We offer catch & release fishing and also sell bass, perch & bluegill. Again, hunting is NOT permitted on the resort property.