About us

Nickel Valley Farm was born in 1994 when owner, Jim Brown, a self-employed millwright, bought a tract of forty-acres of woods along the Nickel Valley Run, a small waterway from which the farm took its name. Brown, originally from the Licking Valley area, began to build his family farm. Brown used his construction experience, knowledge and determination to shape the land and create his own secluded sanctuary surrounded by nature. He constructed his own log cabin home, a barn, horse stables, and field fences. Later, he added the first two ponds for fishing and swimming purposes.  Over the next several years, Brown acquired more of the surrounding lands, totaling a current possession of approximately 110-acres of lush forest and hills. 

Intrigued by the growing industry of aquaculture, Brown decided to invest in building seven additional ponds, which are now stocked with fish and freshwater prawn and sold locally for food and stock. The forty-foot water slide was constructed in 2010 near the 15' x 40' dock along the one and a half-acre swimming pond. Nickel Valley became a premier spot for friends and family to relax, fish, swim, picnic,  hike and more. Before long, Brown decided to turn Nickel Valley Farm into Nickel Valley Resorts so that others could fully share in this retreat. By adding five small guests cabins in 2012, Brown and his family now invite the public to visit and spend as much time as they can enjoying all that Nickel Valley has to offer.

In 2015, Brown added the Wooden Nickel Tavern to better serve his guests & local patrons seeking food & refreshment in a one-of-a-kind, gorgeous setting.