Nick's Life Story

As a native of Long Island, New York and second generation Italian-American, I have long been fascinated with  Intercultural Communication and Second Language Acquisition.  I grew up with two cultures, American at school, and Italian at home and this naturally led me into what I do now as a profession,  which is teaching English as a Second Language. This life-long passion started professionally at Hofstra University where I studied Italian literature and eventually received a degree in the Social Sciences.  At Hofstra, I worked in the English Language Program where I got my first experience working with ESL college students pursuing degrees in the U.S.  My junior year was spent studying abroad at the University of Amsterdam.  Living in an international student dorm, I was exposed to all kinds of cultures and all kinds of food, another life long passion of mine.

After about two years split between working for Americorp in Everglades National Park in Florida and for a clinic for people with reading disabilities, I finally resolved to come to the Hawaiian Islands and get an MA in Teaching English as a Second Language at Hawaii Pacific University.  In Hawaii I underwent yet another cultural revolution being exposed to Polynesian and Asian cultures and languages reigniting my passion for Intercultural Communication and Second Language Acquisition.  Finally, I settled into a great job at Hawaii Tokai International College where I have been an instructor and coordinator of the College Prep Program since 2003.  HTIC has bee a perfect fit for me stressing global citizenship and acting as an international gateway.