Curriculum Design

As Coordinator of the College Prep Program at Hawaii Tokai International College for the past 4 years, I have been intimately involved along with my colleagues in all areas of curriculum design including designating program outcomes and assessments, developing evaluation rubrics, and establishing classroom procedures and policies.  In these years I have really learned a lot about what makes a curriculum tick and also how to collaborate with my fellow faculty.

Hawaii Tokai College Prep Curriculum, Procedure, and Policy Guide

This living document represents the culmination of countless meetings, deliberation, trail and error, and program review.  Over the years it has been quite the educational experience to see the outcomes develop and be used, the procedures such as vocabulary instruction to be experimented with, and policies such as English Only to be enforced.  This document will likely change many times in the future (see proposed changes highlighted in yellow) but it is above all a testament to our ongoing process of refining the College Prep Program and is in itself an example of the formative nature of this eportfolio.

HTIC CP Curriuculum, Procedure, Policy Guide