Nick Crow 8505 Lead - tube guitar amp VST plug-in for Windows
GUI by Requietus
 Installation: Put the "Nick_Crow_8505_Lead.dll"  file in the VST plugin folder of your host.
HQ - Oversampling ON / OFF. Use OFF to reduce CPU usage, use ON to get the quality sound without aliases (more CPU).  When a project or the track is exported to a wave file (mixdown, bounce, render, freeze) oversampling is always automatically enabled regardless of the position of the button.
GAIN - Determines the amount of gain applied by the Pre Amp.
LOW, MID, SWEEP, HIGH - Tone Stack controls.
POWER AMP - Determines the amount of gain applied by the Power Amp.
VOLUME - Output level. 
After Nick_Crow_8505_Lead insert some guitar cabinet emulation.
"Nick Crow 8505 Lead" is free (donate if you like it) for usage in music applications.                                            
 I forbid it's sale, modifications or sharing it over internet without consulting this with me, the author.
 Copyright (C) 2006-2009 by Nick Crow.  All rights reserved.  'VST' is a Technology and Trademark by Steinberg.