Heart Screening Initiatives

Our vision is to turn every potential SCA tragedy into a story of survival. We believe this is possible through preventative heart screenings that can help detect deadly cardiac conditions that may place youth at risk of experiencing SCA.

We have partnered SafeBeat as our exclusive preventative heart screening collaborative partner. Our goal is to offer youth throughout the State of Georgia with access to free, non-invasive heart tests.

Give the Gift of Heart Health

A child's story of survival can begin with you! For just $49 you can sponsor one child and provide them with a painless screening to potentially save their life.

Help Us Screen Hearts & Save Lives 

You can make a lasting change by helping our youth, and our communities break free from the dangers of sudden unexpected death.

One person can easily sponsor One child for $1 per week. Visit Smiling Heart's LifeSaver donation page on our partner's, SafeBeat, site to become a lifesaver.

Join our LifeSaver team, click the donate image to the right!