AED Program

There are no warning signs associated with Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Therefore, it is crucial that victims that collapse into cardiac arrest receive medical attention as soon as possible.

Every second counts! Cardiac arrest victims require immediate Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillation to survive. Every minute that passes without action decreases the chances of survival by 7-10%. According to, after 10 minutes without oxygen to the brain, it is unlikely the victim will survive. If revived, the person may suffer irreparable brain damage.

What is an AED?
An AED, or automated external defibrillator, is a device that automatically analyzes heart rhythms and advises the operator to deliver a shock if the heart is in a fatal heart rhythm. AEDs are safe and will not shock anyone who is not in a fatal heart rhythm. Non-medical personnel can use AEDs safely and effectively with minimal training. It is not possible to hurt someone with an AED; they can only save lives!

Life-Saving Defibrillation

If defibrillated within the first minute of collapse, the victim's chances for survival are close to 90 percent. If an AED is available, it should be retrieved immediately and applied to the victim.

As part of Smiling Heart's mission, we want to make sure that an AED is available at every institution where kids are active - be it schools, colleges, parks, recreational centers, etc. Our fundraising and sponsorship campaigns also focus on donating portable AEDs in these areas.

Help Us Save Lives 

You can make a lasting change by helping our youth, and our communities break free from the dangers of sudden unexpected death. Each year, we needlessly lose 7,000 youth to SCA. Some schools and organizations cannot afford to place an AED onsite. Smiling Hearts' goal is to make these life-saving devices available in the community.

The cost of an AED is $1,500; help us make sure an AED is available during a cardiac tragedy. Please click the donate image to the right to support our campaign!