Smiling Hearts Gives Youth Sports Program First AED, & Provides Sudden Cardiac Arrest Info Session to Dekalb County Coaches
Smiling Hearts founder presents AED to Legends Sports Group and speaks to DeKalb county coaches about the risks and warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest.

Legends Sports Group, LLC was recently selected by Smiling Hearts - The Nick Blakely Foundation to receive a brand new Defibtech Lifeline AED. Smiling Hearts founder, Michelle Fields-Wilson, presented the AED to Israel Soto, Co-Founder & CFO of Legends Sports Group, during the group's Speed and Agility football camp at Rabbit Hill Park (Dacula, GA) on July 14, 2019.
  The camp is one of many youth sports programs held by the organization each year. Legends Sports Group specializes in the organization, marketing, and execution of youth character development through sport. More than 170 campers (or "Legends") from all over Gwinett County, between the ages of 7 and 18, attended the one-day camp for free.

Campers participated in a variety of exercises and drills, aimed at enhancing their physical skills and football IQ on the field. However, the program also focuses on developing each youth's intangible characteristics such as teamwork, leadership, competitiveness, and work ethic - on and off the field.

While presenting the AED, Wilson held an information session with the Legends and coaches about sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) awareness. Specifically, she spoke about the risks of SCA in athletics and how to identify the warning signs. Wilson also informed the coaches about Senate Bill 60 (SB 60), the "Jeremy Nelson and Nick Blakely Sudden Cardiac Arrest Act," recently passed in Georgia. She discussed the procedural provisions in the bill and the preventative measures coaches and trainers should take to protect their athletes.
Michelle Fields-Wilson speaking at Legends
Sports Group's camp and presenting their new AED. 

"We were so privileged to have Michelle speak at our camp," Soto said about the SCA information session. "As a Co-Founder of a sports group and a father whose children are always into a sport, I was drawn to what she said. We are seeing way too many cases of young, school-aged children dying due to SCA. We want to thank Ms. Michelle for telling her story and bringing awareness to the participants of our camp. We would also like to express our appreciation for the AED Smiling Hearts has donated to us. Their work in the community is breathtaking and will not go unnoticed."

Dekalb County School District Promoting SCA Awareness

On July 16-17, 2019, Wilson held an additional SCA information session at the Dekalb County East Campus. During this session, she addressed all the middle and high school football coaches from across Dekalb County and informed them about the risk and warning signs of SCA and policies and procedures mandated in SB 60. Smiling Hearts extends a special thank you to Dekalb County School District's Athletics staff; including James Jackson, Executive Director for Athletics, and Tekshia Ward-Smith, Administrative Director, Athletics, for the invitation to participate.

Smiling Hearts - The Nick Blakely Foundation dedicates its efforts to spreading SCA awareness. We are available to speak to your school, recreational park, or athletic association, etc. For inquiries, please contact We are also committed to providing AEDs to schools, organizations, and parks in Greater Georgia communities; especially those that lack the funding to purchase a unit. To learn more about our AED donation program, please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

About Smiling Hearts: The Nick Blakely Foundation
At Smiling Hearts: The Nick Blakely Foundation, our vision is to turn every potential tragedy of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) into a story of survival. We believe this is possible by advancing overall awareness to young athletes, parents, and coaches; providing youth, schools, and organizations with access to preventative heart screenings and life-saving automated external defibrillators; implementing training standards and safety protocols in athletic associations and educational institutions; and advocating for the establishment of legislation supporting SCA standardized requirements. Learn more about Smiling Hearts and get involved by visiting us, Twitter @NickBlakelyFDN, or