SafeBeat Collaborates with Smiling Hearts: The Nick Blakely Foundation to Provide Sudden Cardiac Awareness, Preventative Heart Screening, and CPR/AED Education

(February 19, 2018)SafeBeat and Smiling Hearts: The Nick Blakely Foundation today announced a collaborative partnership aimed at preventing sudden death in youth due to underlying heart defects. This strategic partnership will focus on three main objectives; providing preventative heart screenings to students in primary and secondary education across Greater Atlanta, increasing awareness of sudden cardiac arrest, and promoting knowledge and learning around cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) use.

Both organizations have a mutual purpose to save lives and create a healthier generation.

Smiling Hearts is a champion for sudden cardiac arrest education. “We understand that sudden cardiac death is a condition unknown to most families, but with our collaboration with SafeBeat, we believe we can work together to prevent sudden death tragedies by advancing overall awareness and through preventative heart screenings,” said Michelle Fields-Wilson, founder of Smiling Hearts.

SafeBeat provides “free” preventative heart screenings to active middle and high school youth along with a CPR and AED education component to their program that plays a significant role in saving lives. SafeBeat also collaborates with local pediatric institutions to supply post-screening care to children no matter the level of insurance they may have.

SafeBeat looks forward to working closely with Smiling Hearts to further develop life-saving education, advocacy of sudden cardiac death prevention, and provide preventative heart screening across the Greater Atlanta area and beyond,” said Sheldon Hill, Executive Director of SafeBeat.

Smiling Hearts: The Nick Blakely Foundation

At Smiling Hearts: The Nick Blakely Foundation, our vision is to turn every potential tragedy of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) into a story of survival. We believe this is possible by advancing overall awareness to young athletes, parents, and coaches, providing youth with access to preventative heart screenings, implementing training standards and safety protocols in athletic associations and educational institutions, and advocating for the establishment of legislation supporting SCA standardized requirements. Learn more about Smiling Hearts and get involved by visiting us, Twitter @NickBlakelyFDN, or

About SafeBeat

SafeBeat is a national initiative that establishes “free” local heart screenings, heart health education and emergency action planning programs in an effort to directly target three major long-standing epidemics in America’s youth: sudden cardiac death, hypertension, and obesity. SafeBeat collaborates with local hospitals, medical professionals, schools, individuals and businesses to allow them to bring the SafeBeat Initiative to communities nationwide to prevent needless deaths and create a healthier generation. Learn more about SafeBeat and get involved by visiting us at, Twitter @safebeat4life,, and Instagram @safebeat4life.


Cindy Vees
Director of Public Relations & Communications

Ryan Brown
Executive Director
Smiling Hearts: The Nick Blakely Foundation