Smiling Hearts Awards $500 College Scholarship to Georgia Student

Smiling Hearts: The Nick Blakely Foundation is proud to announce the recipient of the Nick Blakely Scholarship for 2019. The Nick Blakely Scholarship provides an annual scholarship for qualified high school seniors pursuing an academic degree in higher education.

A $500 scholarship was awarded to Kaleb Chester of Grayson, GA to assist in his first year of college studies. Kaleb will attend college this fall. "We are thankful to be able to award this scholarship for the second year in a row; especially to such a deserving young man,” says Ryan Brown, President of Smiling Hearts.

Through this program, Smiling Hearts has now provided scholarships to six students, since the program started in 2018. Our scholars have a compelling desire to pursue higher education and are committed to leaving a positive impact on their communities, and making a difference in the world through their professions, charitable contributions, social and environmental causes, commitment to faith, etc. For more information visit www.nickblakelyfoundation.org.

Post date: 1/27/2019