This website is up-to-date as of fall 2013 when I moved from HIA in Victoria, BC, Canada to Skytree, Inc. in San Jose, California.
For up-to-date info, take a look at my profile on LinkedIn.

I am an Assistant Research Officer at the Herzberg Institute for Astrophysics in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. My work is on extragalactic astronomy as part of the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre, (CADC) led by Prof. David Schade, and the Next Generation Virgo Cluster Survey, led by Prof. Laura Ferrarese.

My research interests include the galaxy luminosity function, data-intensive investigation of terascale astronomical datasets using the techniques of data mining, astroinformatics, and machine learning, photometric redshifts, galaxy morphology, and the properties of galaxies, quasars, and other active galactic nuclei as a function of environment.

In 2010, I authored, together with Prof. Robert Brunner at Illinois, an invited review on Data Mining in Astronomy for the International Journal of Modern Physics D. Currently, this is the most extensive review of the subject available.

In January 2011, a white paper on astroinformatics, prepared by myself and David Schade for the Canadian Long Range Plan (LRP2010) in astronomy, was featured on Slashdot, together with an article in HPC In the Cloud magazine.

CADC featured positively in a recent (May 2011) report on Canadian Astronomy by the firm Hickling, Arthurs, and Lowe (HAL), for example, "And though not a telescope, another facility whose impact is growing is the CADC, which is becoming integral to the data management of a growing number of international facilities. This pioneering facility is another instance of Canadian leadership in astronomy."

CANFAR + Skytree is a project to make available the world's first Science Analytics Cloud.

CANFAR+Skytree is featured on the Astronomy Computing Today blog.