Our goal is to identify, describe, understand, and ameliorate channelopathies associated with cognitive aging, age-related dementias, and other diseases of the brain.  
My lab's principal focus is on synapses and dendrites of neurons from animals and humans over the course of chronological aging or  those afflicted with age-related dementia (e.g., Alzheimer's disease) or neurological disease (e.g., intractable epilepsy). Our approach combines immunogold serial section electron microscopy, array tomography, 2-photon calcium imaging, and patch-clamp physiology. We are currently focusing on the degradation of hippocampal synapses and dendrites in aged, cognitively impaired rats and transgenic mice harboring Alzheimer's disease-related mutations, as well as aged humans lucky enough to escape the ravages of cognitive aging and those with Alzheimer's disease. Our techniques allow us to identify patterns of synaptic or dendritic degradation with electron microscopy and array tomography, and then determine the functional consequences of this disassembly on synaptic transmission, neuronal function, calcium signaling, and plasticity using 2-photon imaging and patch-clamp recordings. Our hope is that we can help provide a map of the neurobiological proteomic constellations that demarcate successful and unsuccessful cognitive agers, as well as identify chemicals that correct neuronal signaling at the functional and molecular levels.
Selected papers

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