Caribou Coffee

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Here you will find all the chalkboard art I have done for the Caribou Coffee I work at.  It started off as just a one time thing but I guess they liked it so much that is sort of my unofficial job now.  All the artwork is done with 5 paint markers (pink, blue, yellow, green, and white).   Let me know what you think!  Oh, and I am well aware of the spelling mistakes and most of them were corrected before being displayed.  Click on the pictures to see them full sized.

Promotional board for 2007 Roastmaster's Reserve: Changaimina.  Yeah, I don't know how to pronounce that either. 



  Promotional board for new bakery stuff in 2007.




Promotional board for Reindeer blend.  The reindeer looks so good. :-)



 Gift card promotion for the holidays.

 A promotional board for our Guatemala blend.  To be honest, I really phoned this one in.  I had too much going on with school to give it the time it deserved.  Still, the mountain and clouds turned out pretty good. 

 A promotional board for our Kenya AA blend.  I couldn't decide for a while what to draw, and I didn't want to just copy the picture on the bag of beans.  I finally found a cool picture of a cheetah and copied it onto the board.  It turned out well, and this one has sparked the most spontaneous compliments from customers.

This board was done to promote our 3 new cookie flavors.  Who better to promote cookies than Cookie Monster?  The cookies are quite good, too.  :-P


 I really liked the way the "Vulcan Tacana" came out on this board.  I wasn't sure how to make it stand out and I accidentally came up with a cool tansition from yellow to red.  I was also able to copy the Rainforest Alliance seal very well; it looks like a sticker put on the board, but it's actually painted on like everything else.


Promotional board for Coolerfest (June 1 - June 21). It use to say "WITH WHIP CREAM", but thanks to the keen eye of one Miss Carrie, I have corrected the error. I couldn't sleep until I did, haha. 



Promotional board for La Minita Peaberry (mid May - ?). A blend consisting entirely of peaberries which is very good.



This board was done to promote our Joe's to Go.  Basically, you can get a disposable container that holds about 10 cups of coffee to go.  Great for meetings and stuff.  It's always fun to draw the little Caribou logo.

Promotional board for Amy's Blend (mid April - mid May). A portion of the sale of the whole beans went to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. (yellow writing added by my manager)


This was also done in March to promote a contest we were running.


 This is the first one I did.  It was to promote our Perennial Blend in March.