All About Me

Nicholas Seltzer was born in Aspen, CO in 1978. He spent his childhood in Davis, CA, where he had fond memories of riding on the rear seat of a tandem bicycle with his brother law, then a Ph.D. student at UCD. He attended high school in San Diego, CA and would return to UCD for college, where he graduated with majors in Political Science and Philosophy. After university graduation, he spent roughly three years in Hong Kong, China, and Japan as a student and English teacher. Harboring ambitions to become a specialist in the international politics of East Asia, he matriculated the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs and earned a Masters in Security Policy Studies with an emphasis on US national security policy and China. He also continued in Chinese language studies at the prestigious Middlebury Language School. 
As a student at the Elliott School, he interned at the Institute for National Strategic Studies at the National Defense University assessing disaster preparedness networks across international boundaries in Southeast Asia. Upon graduation, he worked in the defense industry with diverse teams of experts including academics, scientists, and military personnel on a number of defense policy and analysis projects for the US Department of Defense. During this time his core academic interests shifted from the processes and outcomes of conflict to the origins. 
Resolved to attain a deeper understanding of cooperation and conflict in our biological nature, Mr. Seltzer enrolled in a Ph.D. program under the tutelage of Dr. Oleg Smirnov at Stony Brook University.
His primary research interests are in the area of cooperation and conflict in response to environmental change. Part of this effort is to explore how societies structure and organize themsleves around their economic foundations. He employs a variet of quantitative tools, including formal and computational modeling, behavioral experiments, geographic information systems, and advanced techniques in statistical analysis.
He currently lives in Austin, TX, and is a CCAPS Pre-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and Law.