What all should know about Oraban

From the Raven's Herald, and passed to my attention through the trees of Blackstone.

To the Peoples of Tyrra:

Ten years ago, a warning came to a few adventurers in the North of a despairing and desperate future wrought by the hands of a mysterious being called Oraban. Until now, what was known of Oraban and the Dark Future was shared privately and carefully. Silence and secrecy were necessities as many worked to learn more of the Enemy.

Oraban is no longer a boogeyman of a shadowy future; he is a present enemy. His evil is active in the world. Therefore, I take up my quill to share what I have learned of Oraban so that all of Tyrra’s Peoples may prepare to fight him and his minions. This knowledge comes at a great sacrifice; many have permanently died and others have gravely endangered themselves.

I ask that this writing be copied to every library large and small, posted up on every tavern wall, and spoken aloud to those who cannot read for themselves. Most of all, I ask that this knowledge be shared indiscriminately. Oraban’s threat is as great as that once posed by Tarlov Ghosthand; we will all be called to fight against him.

Those who would study Oraban should turn to the Goldhaven Library and read the “Battle for Quintari,” the first account we have of his powers and weaknesses. This Myanthean document came to us from the Dark Future as a warning, so that we have an opportunity to thwart his early plans.

Oraban is characterized as a creature of Flame and Darkness. From the account given in the “Battle for Quintari,” Oraban also has the ability to channel Deaths and Obliterates through his weapon and can cast Death spells. He is healed by Fire and by Death spells. He has the ability to heal his form and renew his powers. As to Oraban’s weaknesses: according to document, Oraban is hurt by Life spells.

Oraban currently has in his mastery the black, lizard-like beings known as Death Drakes. By all accounts, the Death Drakes are an incredibly difficult foe. They are able to tap into the elemental aspect of Destruction to wield it against those they attack, and can strike with the magics of Death and Obliteration. The Death Drakes are immune or unharmed by most spells. Only Life Spells, Bless Spells, and Greater Bless spells harm them greatly. By one account, Death Drakes are healed by Shatter and Destroy spells, and they are immune to spells that call upon Mystic Force. Also Paralysis and Banish spells have no effect upon them. They may be affected by Curse and Weakness. They also have the What All Should Know About Oraban ability to break through Circles of Power. How Oraban came to acquire these creatures as his minions is yet unknown.

Oraban has also recruited servants from Tyrra. Having marked these betrayers with Flame and Darkness, these men are imbued with magic no ordinary man possesses. Their weapons seem grafted to their bodies, and others have witnessed their ability to phase out of existence for a short time. Pins, Webs, Confines, and Imprison spells seem to affect these servants, but those spells and gasses that affect beings with metabolisms are useless.

As described in the “Battle for Quintari,” Oraban also calls forth Destruction and Death Elementals to fight with his allied armies.

For those who would seek to use such formal magics as Delve Histories, High Horoscopes, and Dreamvisions or other auguries to try to learn more about Oraban, I warn you that your efforts will be entirely fruitless. Oraban has a powerful veil of obfuscation surrounding him and his work; even great and ancient beings of power have struggled to get but a tiny glimpse into his nature and his plans.

The time is coming fast where the world will meet in open war with Oraban. As was needed for Tarlov’s destruction, accords and alliances must be made with those who have known each other as enemies for centuries. Ancient magics must be unearthed to wield again. Goodly and noble men and women will make hard choices on behalf of defending their people and their land; I ask you to trust their wisdom, even if it seems they compromise too much in the name of diplomacy. For a time, the peoples of Tyrra must fight united against Oraban or all will be destroyed.

Our greatest weapon against Oraban is Hope. Hope that in small but significant ways, we can change the course of the future.

In Tribute to the Unicorns of the Heart of Evendarr:
Elrashah, Kelren, and Siangreth.

Ismene Leto,
Bardic Guild of Avendale