Report: September 606

Breyland's Rest 

Friday Night

Upon arriving at the yet unnamed outpost, no soldiers or supplies were anywhere to be found, and there was an eerie quiet in the area. Squire Carak reported that he had last received word four days prior that all was well. In hindsight, the fact that this report came after to our town meeting where we decided to travel here was a clue to a leak of our plans. A number of diseased rats and wolves were encountered along with a pale humanoid figure that seemed to be controlling them.

Upon returning to the tavern, we found one of Lord Breyland's mirrors on a table with a girl's voice pleading for help from within it. Undead had somehow entered Breylandia and were attacking it. By touching Breyland's mirror, the town was one by one transported to Breylandia where undead were ravaging the countryside. We marched to meet them on the field of battle and found a figure who looked similar to "Mandrake" leading them. He also seemed to have control of a number of Breyland's Toys, which are a type of wooden golem. There were 4 of them: Dancer, Dueler, Singer, and Mime. After a long and hard-fought battle, we finally dispatched all of the undead and toys, at which point we were allowed entrance to Breyland's warded manor house. Breyland was found lying in a circle-- further tainted than he was when we last saw him. After some trial and error, five of us attempted to draw that taint out of him, each taking a portion of it into ourselves. Thankfully we succeeded, and were weakened until the next morning.

Saturday Morning/Early Afternoon

Aside from a few random encounters with the local wildlife, the morning early part of the day passed rather uneventfully. Tempest Lux had investigated some of the other barracks as well, finding the same results as the rest.

Saturday Evening

Late in the afternoon, the sound of many footsteps marching began to echo through the outpost. It appeared that a force of over 200 soldiers was approaching, and it was not sure of their intent. It was clear to us that these were the missing soldiers who were supposed to be encamped here. We managed to prevail, though, and the three soldiers that were taken for questioning proved to be quite helpful once fed Enslavement Antidotes. It was learned that vampires had been charming and then enslaving the soldiers, and had quite a large number of them under their control for months which had resulted in a huge breech of security.


The multicultural buffet seemed to be a great success, and the seating arrangements allowed for some good conversation between myself, Kivuli, and Althkaelis. Ambassador Ralir, the Blade Falshaar, and his Squire made their appearances as well.

Saturday Night

A group of 10 of us traveled to Mr. The Blade's Brother's cave (his name is Malshaar) to see what we could possibly learn. After clearing the way of traps, we assaulted a small room and found another "Lesser Mandrake" type of undead, along with Malshaar and some shadow elementals. During the fight, a number of papers were secured which the undead had been trying to destroy. The wraith, however, escaped, and left a taunting message to us of "Maybe next time" in the circle he had used to leave by.

Lucien and Kier began to piece together the documents, which included several names I recognize. Soon after this, the Vampires arrived to attack the town, and to give us one last chance to join them. Luckily, Lady Akoya and Count Idrahil had performed a ritual to create a stake of woe for just this occasion. Something in the land assisted in the ritual, infusing all the participants with light. Instead of creating one stake of woe, it created six of them.

At first, the Vampires and their pets were repelled fairly easily despite the late hour, which led us to have a false sense of security. Many of the adventurers scattered into the darkness, and Kier was captured on his way back to the cabin to retire for the night. Kivuli, Althkaelis, and Sereg helped me, and eventually we were able to find Kier and get him to safety. For a while I thought the Vampires held an advantage, as we were disorganized and without any field advantages, but soon enough we were able to destroy their forces. Although we were able to stake 6 of them, we know there to be at least two more still around. I fear that there may be more, for some of the vampires did not turn to ash when they were staked.