Report: September 605
Report September 605 ER

Friday night--elemental attacks. Travador and the other Dancers go on a mission to investigate an ancient magic that may be causing the elemental attacks. They find a device that is regulating the magic of a ley line. The device was broken, leaking magic from the elemental planes into Tyrra. They fix it. Meanwhile, the elemental attacks near the center of town lessen, and cease. But then a rift to the plane of air opens up, and we fight some more. The rift eventually closes itself. Later Friday night--Don Debeo makes an appearance. He provides us with a map detailing the keep that we will need to raid, and tells us that he has loosened a rock so that we may enter it with a stealth force, to steal all the spirit bottles within.....Carak, Sereg, Nigel, and myself retreat to the earth circle to discuss. Meanwhile, Don can hold back no longer, and undead attack the town. We remained in the circle discussing tactics until it appeared that we were needed. Then the undead attack ceased, and we returned to discussing tactics. ~we need to get the spirit bottles not only to free Don Debeo and Marina, but also to weaken the undead forces. it would be a great blow against them, if it succeeds ~appears to possibly be a trap or a suicide mission~ will require mass forces to attack the keep and provide a distraction for the strike force to sneak in, and then out again. An undead was hiding under the building listening to these plans, but he was discovered and killed.

Saturday --chaos tainted animals and insects. Carak asks the Dancers, myself, and Du'Kratha to explore and evaluate a dock nearby for its military value--river leads directly to keep, may need to sail there-- we fought many spiders along the path, of various types. When we arrived at the dock, it seemed sound, but in need of a few repairs. There was an ornate box on the dock that contained rocks that swirled with elemental power. [later discovered to be water and death] Since we need to evaluate all the dangers of this dock, we eventually decided to move the elemental rocks. As soon as they were moved, the temperature changed, got colder, river increased in power, and a fog rolled in. We thought maybe the other rock would undo this, so we moved that one. It made things worse, and the element of death was added to the surrounding lands. Troll-like creatures climbed out of the water and attacked us with chaos and death, as well as physical attacks. We grabbed the box and ran out, to have the stones identified and DFM'd if necessary.....the stones were there to contain the elements of water and death because many, many years ago a rift to these planes opened here, and the stones prevent that from happening is repeatedly attacked by elemental things. Some barbarians in the nearby forest noticed the elemental activity and came to tell us "oh yeah, our ancestors put those rocks there....we need to have a shaman put them back". Some Knight, named Chey started yelling at all of us, got in my face and insulted me, and otherwise made an ass of himself, when he didn't even know what was going on. The Dancers and the Barbarians and some other adventurers replaced the rocks, and the attacks ceased.

A Gnome named Bargle arrived with a clay golem, looking to trade for components and valuables.....He was trading stone weapons, which we needed to harm the elementals that were attacking. His golem also helped us fight back the elementals.

FEAST--was wonderful. The best food I have ever eaten Above. Had a very interesting chat with the Ambassador. I may be traveling to Dremora over the winter months to petition the Council for extra aid in Greyhelm, and to visit them. Whether or not I can visit will be determined by the council. I will not be alone--Carak, Sereg, and Du'Kratha will be with me. The Dremorrans do not wish to bring in other races as it could alarm the common populace....and we also want to make sure that the "Evendarrans" who visit do not accidentally breach etiquette and get themselves in trouble. I find it quite amusing that all of the Dark Elven non-citizens are going to be in charge of representing Evendarr.

Later Saturday night—The Gnome steals townspeople (Carak, specifically) and puts him into a clay golem. Not a transform--put his body into it, literally. Of course all of us with stone weapons cannot affect the golem....we hunt down the Gnome, he runs to a circle in the woods and spirit walks out. Later we are attacked by many, many clay golems, some of which had human and Elven permanently dead bodies within them.
The last golem killed had a trapped air elemental within it. Duroga killed the golem, and set the elemental free. The elementals came forward, and presented Duroga with a sword in thanks. Sir Chey stepped forward and took the sword just as Duroga was accepting it. This caused some problems, especially considering that we all knew the sword was magical, and that Sir Crey would most likely take it out of these lands, where it is needed most. Not to mention the fact that the sword did not belong to him. On Carak's orders, Duroga and I (as his witness) confronted Chey politely and nicely--he and his desert elf friend were very defensive and angry, and some altercations occurred. I walked away in anger, and Carak tried to mediate the situation. I told the Dancers and other townsfolk what was happening, and all of us rallied together to assist Carak, should need be. Meanwhile, Akikaze challenged Chey to an honor duel because of said altercations and insults to me, and lost. (At this point I was gone, and only came back as Akikaze fell.) Eventually it was decided that a card pull would decide who gets to use the sword, and Enrique won, and gave it back to Duroga. Duroga who is primarily a caster, wanted the sword to be useful, and in a show of good faith and intention, willingly gave it back to Sir Chey. Sir Chey did not give the weapon back; it has left these lands. Despite all the bad feelings that resulted from this, it had one good effect--all of the town pulled together in defense of one of our own.

We also managed to capture the Gnome and kill him. But he has a spirit bottle, and may come back.

The rest of the gather was rather uneventful. There were more undead attacks after the golem situation was over, but it was nothing we could not handle. Autumn and Kellian were there, and Angus managed to show up as well. There were very few seasoned adventurers present, so the Dancers became the main fighting force due to their armor and skill. We also, with the approval of every Rosewidow member there, inducted that Human Khorvai into Rosewidow.

The earth circle that was there was DFM'd by a representative of Lake Hollym, and a new one created, with a much more limited amount of people invested--security. There is also now a celestial circle of which I am invested in. Lake Hollym will be running the magical guilds here from now on. I paid for a guild membership to gain investiture to the circle, and access to other benefits that would be helpful in such new and unsettled lands.