Report: May 606 ER

This was a very exhausting gather, and I have not had the time to write it out into an actual journal entry. 

Report for May 606 ER


-Meet to cross the river. Crossing successful
-pushed forward to clear out town. undead. Secured cabins and tavern. Went to 2nd cabin area and fought shadows, found Obsidian as a wraith, accompanied by a very difficult to take-down undead. Killed him down and lifed him… it worked. he is now an elf. Has no memory of how any of this happened. Just remembers feeling pulled in that direction and walking thru the spirit realm, into a circle. He did not remember becoming a dragon knight, only knew that he had died.
-he has only a tendril of a spirit inside him, connected to his spiritlinked armor. The rest of his spirit is being held by Mandrake’s lieutenant. Obsidian and Titinuous work together, combine spirit magic and jester magic.
-undead were ready and waiting for us. Found a letter, they had been informed by a traitor that we were coming. That may be a ruse to dishearten us.
-note that Cassanova’s piece of spirit is also held by lieutenant, as well as Titinious.
-undead fights.


-investigate other cabins. find traps and mud golems. A celestial being that took damage from dispel. one perm dead body, of the Shadow company- red tabard with black crow. Shadow company allied with Tempest Lux. Hector causes a scene. Kylou cursed him.

I did not enter any of the rooms.
-Karahna’s dancing class. I did not attend.
-dire bear and little boy
--Trav investigates an area full of bandits—bandits were dead, there were undead there, more arrived thru portals, closed the portals with 2 dispels. I was not present.
-feast: Trav made baron, Gren made knight, I was made lady.
-undead pirates. long, difficult battle. The battle was lost, pirates retrieved something they were looking for – buried treasure.
-Don warning us pirates will come back tomorrow night, cursed to find their lost treasure.
-Kylou curses Don to announce himself—curse is removed so Don won’t attack town.
-go to bed early at 4:30 ish


-find pirate treasure and secure it.
-bugs attack. Wasps, roaches, and giant mosquitos. Can burrow inside a circle of power or a ward.
--menagerie creatures. wyvern, cat, rabbit, monkeys & hat, elephants
-Barbarian comes into town, discusses pirates and ruins. Named Silverleaf (?) told Trav that pirates do not come every new moon, but when they come, it is a new moon. Pirates are older than Mandrake, were there when the Barbarians moved in. They just let them do what they want, because there is no point to fighting. Ruins of people who came before... might be ruins. Barbarians knew nothing about people before.
-check out ruins on top of hill, find nothing. Trees watching us.
-gambling and sages quest. Rewards of MIs.
--Kylou suffered some mishaps this gather, ressurected twice (?)
-Merchant, throw darts to see who gets to buy first. D bull’s-eye. Merchant from Saldone clan, showed me an unusual MI.
-Mandrake, lieutenant show up (instead of pirates- Don was lying). We are outnumbered and out-done. Riddle died? Dame M. is captured and comes back xform’d to a greater undead, bottled, with spiritlinked equipment, fully sentient and aware of what she is doing. Mental anguish.
-spectral cats and panthergasts after Light Elves, gaining in power. Random undead. one of the undead has Travador’s hat which the menagerie monkey stole earlier, hat is recovered.
-Nigel spiritwalks in, finds out what is going on.
-dire elephant encountered…